Our Services - Step 2 Initial designs and feasibility - Further Information

It is not possible to properly assess the feasibility without information such as initial designs, a reasonable understanding of the type of construction involved in the building and its surroundings, the town planning issues, building regulations and building cost information, so further investigation will be needed. The amount and level of design and investigation varies tremendously for one project to another. Often a meaningful feasibility study can't be undertaken until a more advanced stage of the design has been reached.

We recommend that a thorough measured survey is carried out at an early stage, so that detailed plans of the existing structures can be prepared. This may be more than is strictly necessary at this early stage, but it is cost effective for us to gather as much information as possible in a single visit and avoid having to come back several times later to re-measure. If cost is an issue at this stage we could defer the full amount until a later stage and regard this as part of our investment in the future of your project.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to decide whether to proceed and what is possible.

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