Our Services - Step 3 Design and Development, Getting Permissions - Further Information

Planning permission and Building regulation approval are the two key areas -without them it is not worth progressing into great detail. At the same time, in many situations, in order to be confident a design can be achieved and built it needs to be developed to an advanced stage. In particular for listed buildings, conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB's).

To prepare a pre-application submission. This is now an important stage in commencing negations with the planners and to hopefully allow an application to proceed through without problems. Also during this time other investigation can be carried out.

The application should only take the council in the order of 2-3 months to reach a decision. We cannot guarantee to obtain consent, but we will do our best to negotiate on your behalf if problems arise. An application fee has to be paid to the local authority by you. Any time spent in further negotiation with Local authority officers will be charged separately. Assuming a single application for all works. If it is necessary to re- apply or make separate applications there may be further costs. If an appeal is to be made there would be additional costs and the services of a Town Planning specialist needed, assuming a single application for all works. Refining budgets and obtaining approximate builders estimates - at this stage there is still only limited information about the construction and technical matters.

Our planning and design service will include full research into council planning guidelines, a full scheme design, planning drawings, planning application to your local authority and Ordnance Survey mapping.

To prepare drawings to a Building Regulation approval standard. This is separate from the Planning Application, it concerns technical matters and is usually started after planning permission has been granted. Inevitably a fee has to be paid to the local authority; this is paid in two parts 25% when plans are submitted and the balance when work starts. The amount depends on the value of the work. They take about 3-8 weeks to consider the application.

These drawings show sufficient information for Building Regulation purposes only and further detailed drawings, survey details and investigation will be needed for construction purposes. However it is possible now to use a private approved assessing service as an alternative - It is at this stage a Structural Engineer would be needed.

Building Regulations changed in 2010, principally to raise standards for energy saving with more testing and certification required, they have only recently been published and their implications are still being assessed. In some circumstances in order to prove compliance with Building Regulation Thermal Insulation requirements, it is necessary to employ a specialist who can calculate and certify that these can be achieved. Some other aspects of the Building Regulations may require testing and certification to prove the construction meets the standards, in accordance with the approval documents and certification may be required - these costs have been excluded.

We exclude drawings to show compliance with the new part 'P' electrical services. - If you use a Part 'P' approved electrician detailed wiring, drawings may not be required.

We will need the services of a Structural Engineer to check and design structural elements. Further investigation may be needed to confirm/determine the possibilities for the foundations. We can recommend some to choose from - but their appointment would be through you. If they need to make site visits and prepare details there will be further charges.

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